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To sleeve or not to sleeve? That is the question. I have been rather undecided about the whole sleeving issue, and in the years that I have been mulling it over have bought and then sold on many different types of sleeve as I changed my mind randomly!

I think I like how my 2nd Edition set looked "played with" as it is the natural way of things, but then you have to consider adding new cards to the mix when expansions are released, which will be crisp and clean amongst a pile of grubbier cards.

For the time being my main set is fully sleeved, including the larger cards, but as I ponder the situation over time this is subject to change!

Card Sleeves

FFG Mini American Sleeves - 100 microns - 50 per pack

Card Sleeves

Mayday Mini USA or Mini Chimera Sleeves - 40 (?) microns - 100 per pack
Both have a "Premium" option which is 125% thicker - 50 per pack

Card Sleeves

Arcane Tinmen Mini Sleeves - 80 microns - 100 per pack

Card Sleeves

Swan Panasia Sleeves - 40 (?) microns - 200 per pack

Card Sleeves

Ultra Pro Sleeves - 100 (?) microns - 50 per pack

Card Sleeves

Thai Boardgame Group #8 Sleeves - 50 microns - 120 per pack
TBG Special Talisman Sleeves - 50 microns - 40 per pack

I currently have my cards sleeved with Standard Mayday Mini Chimera and TBG Specials. I have tried all of these, except the newer Ultra Pro sleeves, and think it is all really down to price point and personal preference and possibly whether you want quality or quantity.

Please get in touch if you can confirm any of the information I am unsure of above, and let me know if there you have found other options for sleeving cards!

If anyone would like to recommend any particular make of sleeve, then send me a mail with your reasons and I might add it to the bottom of this page.