Owners of the Revised 4th Edition of Talisman will understand the challenges that the game presents when it comes to storage, especially if you factor in the various accessories that people like to use to improve their gaming experience. There have been a number of solutions put forward over the years, and some great fan-created solutions, and Poland-based e-Raptor have now entered the arena!

They’ve been active for a number of years, producing inserts, organisers and other accessories, but this is their first foray into the quest for a definitive storage solution for our favourite game.

Take a look at my review of their new Big Box for Talisman and feel free to ask any questions if there’s some aspect of storage that I’ve missed. It’s certainly an impressive bit of kit!

e-Raptor Big Box for Talisman Review

e-Raptor Inserts for Talisman Review

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