Great news for our German-speaking friends here at Talisman Island, as Pegasus Spiele have just announced that the German-language localisation of Talisman: Star Wars Edition from The Op is now on sale!

There’s not much else to say except go and have a look at the store page linked below, and keep an eye out in the next week or so as posting seems to have ramped up for the Talisman: Harry Potter Edition coming from The Op! You may even get to see an overview on Talisman Island very soon!

Oh, and I tidied up the miniatures pages for all of the licensed versions of Talisman from The Op this evening too, so take a look from the Menu at the top of the page.

Yes, I know, an actual site update! It’s a Christmas miracle!

Talisman: Star Wars at Pegasus Spiele

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