No news is good news? Plus digital sale update!!

29th December 2021


A quick refresh of Pegasus Spiele’s German webstore shows that even more copies of Revised 4th Edition of Talisman and its expansions are now MIA…

As at 29/12 the remaining stock is showing as –

English – Reaper, Sacred Pool, Blood Moon, Firelands, Woodland, Harbinger, Cataclysm and Lost Realms

German – Sacred Pool, Dragon, City, Woodland, Harbinger and Lost Realms

The other licensed Talisman lines are showing as available.

A look at the North America page shows that Revised 4th Edition titles are classed as preorders, with not all of them listed.


28th December 2021


It’s not all doom and gloom as those generous elves at Nomad Games are currently having a sale on just about everything in their catalogue!

So if, for some reason, you haven’t picked up Talisman: Digital Edition, Talisman: Origins, Fury of Dracula and others on various platforms then get yourself over to Steam,, App Store, Google Play and Switch Online (not sure about XBox and PlayStation Stores I’m afraid!)

Nomad Games on Steam
Nomad Games on
Nomad Games on Google Play
Nomad Games on the App Store
Talisman: Digital Edition on Switch

The offers won’t last forever though, so it’s time to pull the trigger if you’ve been on the fence about grabbing them!

Happy Gaming!



27th December 2021

So, at the end of November I posted that there wasn’t a lot to report about Talisman apart from various reprints being delayed due to the global shipping issues faced by every publisher over the last year or so, and I’m afraid to report that there’s not a lot more to add!

The latest reprints of the French expansions for the Revised 4th Edition of Talisman from Matagot are still pencilled in for a January 2022 release, as is the upcoming localisation of Talisman: Kingdom Hearts by Asmodee Italia.


The Talisman Game World pages at Pegasus Spiele have disappeared and now direct to the webstore list of Talisman games available, except of course the North American pages which are still available, but without the Revised 4th Edition being highlighted. I’ve linked to an Internet Archive save of the German language pages, though some images may be missing.

It’s interesting to note that the German localisations of the Frostmarch, Highland and Firelands expansions are now missing from the German web store.

I notice that the upcoming card game in the Talisman Universe from Pegasus Spiele is still mentioned on the NA site, but have seen absolutely nothing mentioned about it since the call out for beta testers earlier in the year, so we can take that as a positive… I think.

But then, I remembered that the people at REXhry had said that they were going to be asking some questions of Games Workshop while they were at Spiel in Essen about what they might be able to localise next for the game, and checked out their Facebook feed which (thanks to Google Translate) says –

We have a touch of Ice Cold, which is probably the last thing that will be available to Talisman for a long time. The rights are not moving anywhere yet, Games Workshop are mysterious like a castle in the Carpathians and what will happen next is unknown. If you are thinking about Talisman or its expansion (not only the Ice Cold, but also the Forest Kingdom or the Blood Moon, which is quickly disappearing from our warehouse), then we recommend you hurry up. So it doesn’t seem like we could print or print any of this series any time soon…

So, what does it all mean?

In short, I have no idea.

Games Workshop could be having a ponder about whether to continue with the Revised 4th Edition of Talisman and allow Pegasus Spiele to try their hand at a 5th Edition, or they might be happy with how the licensed editions of the game from The Op Games are doing and keep things simple. They might even look to the digital-only Talisman: The Horus Heresy Edition from Nomad Games and bring the game in-house again like they did in the 90s and Age of Sigmar it up a bit.

Only time will tell.

With this in mind, I’m probably going to wind back the news posting on Talisman Island for the time being, as there basically is no news to post. I’ll keep plugging away in the background and add expansions that I am sent or update my own collection, but you’ve probably noticed a lack of posts of late.

Let me know if you have any news or ideas or anything you’d like me to cover in the mean time and we’ll just have to see what the Talisman Gods will bring.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!

Much love –


Talisman Range at Matagot

Upcoming Releases at Asmodee Italia

Talisman Games World at Pegasus Spiele NA

Talisman Game World at Pegasus Spiele DEOld Link

Talisman Games World at Pegasus Spiele DEWayback Machine

Facebook Announcement by REXhry

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