It’s been a while since I posted, so here’s an update with what’s been happening this last week or so.

First up is the release over on the Pegasus Digital store of the Tales of the Dungeon source book for the Talisman Adventures Fantasy RPG from Pegasus Spiele. I bought a copy the other day and it’s chock full of information for subterranean adventuring and has a bunch of interesting lore for the game. I especially love how it covers the Deep Realms!! The print version of the book will be available around June time.

A nice surprise also appeared on their webstore this weekend in the form of the Premium Dice Pack for the Talisman Adventures Fantasy RPG! There are no other details, apart from it being available in April, so we’ll have to see what that’s about!

In other news, those hardworking elves at Nomad Games have announced that Talisman: Digital Edition will be available on the Windows Store following the game’s successful launch on Xbox, so that’s another platform to tick off for you completists! Make sure you hover around the store at the beginning of April to get your fix!


Talisman at Pegasus Digital

Talisman at Pegasus Spiele

Talisman at Pegasus Spiele NA

Announcement at Nomad Games

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