Talisman Digital is Steam’s Daily Deal

Kicking yourself because the Steam Summer Sale is over and you missed your chance to get hold of Talisman Digital at a lower price?

Well, don’t panic because Talisman Digital and all of the expansions (barring The Frostmarch) have been put up as Steam’s first Daily Deal at the same great discount as they were during the sales!

Talisman Prologue and the Talisman Digital Season Pass are not on offer this time around, but you can still grab a real bargain by going for the Talisman Digital Gold Pack which is 43% off and includes Talisman Prologue, Talisman Digital and ALL of the expansions released so far, INCLUDING The Frostmarch and any future content!

So, what are you waiting for?

Talisman Digital on Steam

Talisman Digital Gold Pack on Steam

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