Character Card Back Amazon Assassin Barbarian Conjurer Dark Elf Dragon Priest Druid Elf Ghoul Huntress Inquisitor Inquisitor Inquisitor Knight Minstrel Necromancer Ninja Philosopher Pirate Priest Prophetess Ranger Samurai Soldier Sorceress Sprite Spy Swordsman Troll Valkyrie Warrior Warrior of Chaos Wizard

Master Level Characters

Master Level Character Card Back High Mage King's Champion Master Thief Sheriff Templar
A bit about these cards.

These are just proposals and tests for new, improved, and generally updated Character cards for Talisman: The Magical Quest Game. I got the idea from the Magic: The Gathering Arena Tournament Character card and thought that such an improvement to Talisman would be a definate plus.
The cards contain the same familiar elements, save one ... alignment. Instead of 'Alignment: XXXXXX', I have made the border of the card reflect the alignment of the character. Blue indicates a Good Character, Red indciates an Evil Character, and Purple indicates a Neutral Character.
Everything else is basically the same, with MUCH improved artwork and relatively easy to read text.

NOTE: The Character portraits were taken from various artists from the Lothlorien Fantasy Art Gallery for Ameteur Artists. These artworks are for TEST purposes ONLY! All rights are reserved to the respective artists and will not be used for final product! Unless, of course, written permission is obtained from said artists and an amiable arrangement is agreed upon!