1. What is "The Talisman Project"

The Talisman Project is a research project. It is a group of five students, four from CMU and one from Georgia Tech, who have the goal of implementing the board game, Talisman, into a computer game by using the functional language, ML. The CMU side of the project is being funded by a Student Undergraduate Research Grant (SURG).

2. Who works on "The Talisman Project"

3. Advisors

4. How It All Started

5. Current Status

6. Find Out More Talisman Information

Official Site of Games Workshop Limited Talisman FAQ
Information about the 3rd Edition of Talisman Fall 1997 Write Up
Dan Singhal's Talisman Notebook Source Code


Our group has permission from Games Workshop Limited provided that our computerized verision of Talisman is for research purposes only and not for commercial gain. Our version of the game is completely unofficial. The copyright in the game, its artwork and associated imagery is owned by Games Workshop Limited. 'Talisman' is a trademark of Games Workshop Limited.
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