It's Alive!!!!!

In September 1999 Ken Picklesimer decided that, after many setbacks with his computer, he was quitting the Talisman scene.

It was a sad day, as Ken was the founder of the Talisman 2nd Edition eGroup and the original Talisman MQ Webring. I for one was encouraged to take up playing Talisman again because of Ken's enthusiasm and excellent creations.

Now, Talisman Island can present the archived Talisman Vault in it's entirety thanks to Sam Hillaire, an eGroup member, who had saved the images and html to his hard drive. Now that is what I call devotion to the cause.

There were one or two images held on another server that needed tracking down, but I managed that...and found a surprise...the ORIGINAL Teleport Tile card for the Vampire's Keep expansion. Woohoo!

The last update to the site was on the 23rd of May 1999 and some of the internal links may no longer be functional, such as the Guest Book and the Original Webring....but click on the Back button and you will be okay. ENJOY!

The Talisman Vault
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