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1st & 2nd Edition

1st Edition     2nd Edition     Sinclair Spectrum Edition     Australian Release     Czech Release     Finnish Release

French Release     German Release     First Hebrew Release     Second Hebrew Release     Third Hebrew Release     Fourth Hebrew Release

Italian Release     First Polish Release     Second Polish Release     Slovakian Release     First Swedish Release     Second Swedish Release

Third Edition

3rd Edition     French Release     German Release          3rd Edition Reprint

Fourth Edition

4th Edition

Revised Fourth Edition

Revised 4th Edition     French Release     German Release     Hungarian Release     Italian Release

Japanese Release     Polish Release     Portuguese Release     Russian Release     Spanish Release

Talisman Prologue

Talisman Prologue

Talisman Digital Edition

Talisman Digital Edition


Relic     French Release     German Release     Italian Release     Polish Release     Spanish Release

Magiczny Miecz

First Edition     Second Edition     Russian Release