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This page features the miniatures, painted once again by Steve Dean, from the latest expansions for the Revised 4th Edition of Talisman - The Frostmarch and The Highland.

Steve Dean Painting

Steve has done another great job on the next batch of miniatures for the Frostmarch and Highland expansions!

The Frostmarch


Leprechaun         Leprechaun

Flouncy Gap


Necromancer         Necromancer

Flouncy Gap

Ogre Chieftain

Ogre Chieftain         Ogre Chieftain

Flouncy Gap


Warlock         Warlock

The next miniature up is not actually from the official Frostmarch expansion, but has been chosen to represent the "NPC" version of the Ice Queen which I made after seeing the box art for the expansion.

It is a limited edition figure from Freebooter Miniatures - The Ice Sorceress from Christmas 2008. I thought it was rather apt!!

Ice Queen

Ice Queen         icequeen

Flouncy Gap

The Highland


Alchemist         Alchemist

Flouncy Gap


Highlander         Highlander

Flouncy Gap


Rogue         Rogue

Flouncy Gap


Sprite         Sprite

Flouncy Gap


Valkyrie         Valkyrie

Flouncy Gap


Vampiress         Vampiress

Favourites? Well, for the Frostmarch expansion I would have to go with the Ogre Chieftain, and I think the work on the Highlander and Alchemist from the Highland expansion deserve a lot of praise! Awesome work!

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