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Third Edition

Before the launch of Talisman 3rd Edition, Games Workshop made a series of boxed sets of plastic miniatures for use with Warhammer. These contained enough minis for a "unit" of sorts to bulk out your forces and would also give you a bit of practice with painting.

As the cost of moulds for these miniatures are rather costly, Games Workshop reused these figures in other games, like Talisman 3rd Edition and Warhammer Quest. So if you come across one of these boxed sets, you know you have the means to replace a couple of your Talisman figures!

Box Front    Box Back
FT01 - Dungeon Denizens

Box Front    Box Back
FT03 - Wizards

Box Front    Box Back
FT04 - Orc Mob

Box Front    Box Back
FT06 - Adventurers

Box Front    Box Back
FT08 - Chaos Warband

Figure Character Expansion
a Minotaur Main Game
b Shaman Dungeon Of Doom
c Chaos Sorcerer Dragon's Tower
d Fire Wizard Dungeon Of Doom
e High Priest Dungeon Of Doom
f Astronomer Dragon's Tower
g Alchemist Dragon's Tower
h Druid Dungeon Of Doom
i Sorceress Dragon's Tower
Figure Character Expansion
j Black Orc City Of Adventure
k Goblin Fanatic Main Game
l Witch Elf City Of Adventure
m Halfling City Of Adventure
n Dragon Slayer City Of Adventure
o Assassin City Of Adventure
p Chaos Warrior Dungeon Of Doom
q Skaven Main Game
r Beastman Dungeon Of Doom