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Over the last year, Jeff Herskowitz and I have been chatting about a conversion project to create miniatures for the characters in Talisman that have never had "official" miniatures made for them.

After a huge search of various miniature producers, auction sites and boxes of bits I present some of our ideas.

All of the miniatures are finished and painted up, so click the images below to have a look what is possible with a bit of imagination and some power tools!

Minotaur    Valkyrie    High Mage    King's Champion    Master Thief    Sheriff    Dragon Priest    Dragonrider

Dragon Slayer    Questing Knight    Champion Of Chaos    Herald    Mystic    Templar    Héraut    Skaven


I've also added a page for some characters that Jeff Collier has made for Talisman 3rd Edition using miniatures from various games. If you're quick you may even be able to get hold of the figures to go with them too!

Battle Ogre

Then we have a small feature about Thorn's Blood Dragon Vampire Army for Warhammer. What's that got to do with Talisman? Well, you'll just have to take a look!

Dragon Banner

Goodness me! A new addition to the page! Josh Pattison (Zozimus on the FFG forums) has made a great job of making a Lord of Darkness mini to add a bit of theme to his game. Check him out below!

Talisman: The Dungeon

1st & 2nd Edition

There are a few pictures in this section. Some for characters, some for Followers and even some for Board Spaces.

I have a few more ideas of my own which may find themselves on the site in the near future.

Home Brew

Third Edition

Currently the only entries for 3rd Edition belong to a great project to create a whole 3D gameboard for Talisman. The guys at Epic Gaming really went to town on this!

I have only presented a few pictures from the project, the rest can be seen in their Gallery over at the Epic Gaming website.

Home Brew