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Having trouble with a teetering pile of Adventure cards? Spells sliding under the table? Well, you could probably do with a couple of card trays made by Polish fan - QRal!

These trays are superbly made and just the job for a fully tricked out copy of Talisman! The Adventure trays hold around 150 unsleeved cards per slot, and about 100 or so sleeved. The open trays were originally made for use with the Settlers of Catan, but are just the job for smaller decks, like Warlock Quests or Purchase cards.

The Character trays are something I asked to be made especially, so there are only two of these in existence!


Adventure Card tray


"Catan-style" tray for smaller decks


Character/Ending tray


Logo used on the trays

You can see the evolution of the trays over on Galakta's forums which goes from clear to smoked perspex and the introduction of QRal's "logo", which was made so as not create any copyright issues. You can find a lot of opinion and comment, though you will likely need to use Google Translate!


Progress shots

You can now contact QRal directly with any questions or orders via qralbox@gmail.com

If you have any interesting and cool storage ideas for your copy of Talisman, then I'd love to hear about them. Don't forget to send pics!


UPDATE! New logo available!

In recent weeks, QRal has developed a new logo that you can have applied to your card tray, should you wish to use it to keep your Relic cards in order! It looks great too!