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This page features the miniatures, painted by the talented Steve Dean, from the first two expansions released by FFG for the Revised 4th Edition of Talisman - The Reaper and The Dungeon.

Steve Dean Painting

Further pages will be added as subsequent expansions are released. Providing Steve can manage to fit a bit more painting in, of course!

The Reaper

Grim Reaper

Grim Reaper         Grim Reaper

Flouncy Gap

Dark Cultist

Dark Cultist         Dark Cultist

Flouncy Gap


Knight         Knight

Flouncy Gap


Merchant         Merchant

Flouncy Gap


Sage         sage

Flouncy Gap

The Dungeon


Amazon         Amazon

Flouncy Gap


Gladiator         Gladiator

Flouncy Gap


Gypsy         Gypsy

Flouncy Gap


Philosopher         Philosopher

Flouncy Gap


Swashbuckler         Swashbuckler

Favourites for this batch of minis? I think the Merchant is rather spectacular with the Philosopher and Gypsy competing for second place. Next up are the characters from the Frostmarch expansion, which will include a home-brew character of my own based on Ralph Horsley's fantastic depiction of the Ice Queen and the Highland expansion with a very interesting mix of characters to play!

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