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Talisman - The Sacred Pool is the next expansion for the Revised 4th edition of Talisman that Steve Dean has worked his magic on!.

Steve Dean Painting

He has also made a start on some fantastic home-brew miniatures created by Lasse Brøgger to go with my cold-hearted Ice Queen and his TOADALLY fabulous Toad King!

The Sacred Pool

Chivalric Knight

Chivalric Knight         Chivalric Knight

Flouncy Gap


Cleric         Cleric

Flouncy Gap

Dread Knight

Dread Knight         Dread Knight

Flouncy Gap


Magus         Magus

Next up are Lasse Brøgger's creations! I think you will agree that the sculpting is fantastic on these miniatures and captures the mood of both NPCs just nicely!

Mr Brøgger's Toad King

Mr Brøgger's Toad King         Mr Brøgger's Toad King

Flouncy Gap

Mr Brøgger's Ice Queen

Mr Brøgger's Ice Queen         Mr Brøgger's Ice Queen

I'm rather liking the Magus this time around for his chair-based coolness, and the horse riders are very cool too!

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