News reached my ears today of a change on the Asmodee Italia website with regards to their localisations of The Op Games licensed versions of Talisman!

Talisman: Kingdom Hearts Edition confirmed to be due out in a week or so, and they’ve uploaded the rules for you to check out in the mean time.

Talisman: Harry Potter Edition is on the way and should be in the store in February or March this year.

Sadly, Talisman: Star Wars Edition, although announced as coming at the same time as Kingdom Hearts, has never actually been added to the website, so I can’t tell if it’s coming or not…

In other news, I checked out the Matagot & Friends website this evening, and it seems that the localised versions of the expansions that were pencilled in for January no longer turn up when you search for the game.

Hopefully this is just an oversight whilst things get jigged about a bit, or it could always mean that they are no longer being released, which would seem odd given that they should be printed and on their way! I guess we shall have to wait and see!


Coming Soon at Asmodee Italia

Talisman: Kingdom Hearts at Asmodee Italia

Talisman at Matagot & Friends

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