A selection of expansions, characters and other home brew assets for Relic

*Please note that expansions are usually presented in the same format as they were submitted to the site, but mainly packaged into zip files for convenience. It is possible that you will need to format the files a little in order to print them correctly.

You may sort the tables below by the Expansion Title and Author sections alphabetically if you click on the relevant header.

Expansion Title Author Link Size
Halls of Terra Board Cheat Sheet Fernando Santos Download 352 kb
New “updated” Threat Cards Jon New Download 25.0 mb
Landscape “updated” Nemesis Cards Jon New Download 3.9 mb
New Characters Sean Patten Download 2.5 mb
Tau for Relic Sean Patten Download 1.8 mb
Eldar for Relic Sean Patten Download 1.8 mb
House Rules & Board Mods Sean Patten Download 898 kb
Custom Rules & The Golden Throne Warlock00 Download 904 kb
Dark Eldar – Fleet of Foot Warlock00 Download 670 kb

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