It’s taking shape nicely


Due to the fact that there is now an OFFICIAL boxed expansion that uses the name The Lost Realms, I have changed the name of this project to The Realms of Legend and have remade some of the files to replace any images that use that particular name.

To remove any doubt, the OFFICIAL expansion is a collection of the two Print on Demand expansions, The Nether Realm & The Deep Realms (coincidentally also designed by me!), and both of the UNOFFICIAL expansions – The Realms of Legend & The Realms Untravelled – have been collected with a similar box that is named The Realms of Adventure!

Another small update today with some of the latest additions and alterations to the card makeup for the expansion.

As mentioned over on the forums I have removed a couple of cards from the mix and added in a few freebie Objects to make it a little less dangerous. I’ve also swapped about some Enemies to make the mix a little more interesting.

I decided to stick with the Mjolnir artwork for Morak’s Hammer, as it has grown on me over the past week or so!

The mechanics the Forgotten Forge and the Elder Village look to be sorted, with the Forge being a free random draw and the Village being based on your fatebound status. These can be tweaked of course during beta testing.

The lower spaces, which will need naming, will probably be draw 1, 2 or 3 card spaces with the option to either move up or across after you have encountered the cards, successfully or not. You will not be able to just jump back and forth between the two sides, you will have to carry on in the same direction or go up to the top space, and then out onto the Woods space.

The expansion does not really lend itself to having Alternative Ending cards, so I’ll probably leave them out.

I posted a current list of the cards on the forum, so don’t really need to repeat it here. By good management (or luck!) it looks like we’re going to end up at a nice 42 cards total, being 36 cards in the “bridge” deck and 6 in the Forge deck.

We have most bits of artwork that we need, but Cookierobber has offered to help out when time allows. If in the mean time you find some nice CC artwork for the last few items it would help immensely:

Wayfinder Compass – Doesn’t actually have to be a compass!
Rune Shield
Iron Talisman – This one will probably have to be bespoke
Ring of Denial

We still need a final Forge item, which could be Craft or Psychic Combat based, but does not have to be. There is also a space for a last card, which was going to be an Enemy, but can really be anything. If there is a card that already exists in the game that you think would make a nice addition, please let me know.

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