Tales from Talisman

A selection of fan fiction from the Talisman fantasy universe.

*Please note that expansions are usually presented in the same format as they were submitted to the site, but mainly packaged into zip files for convenience. It is possible that you will need to format the files a little in order to print them correctly.

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Title Description Author / Translation (T) Language Link Size
Shortest Path (The) After rescuing him from a terrifying monster, a dwarf and a gnome become travelling companions. Adam Coyne English EN Get File 64 kb
Pious Path (The) A helpless Monk meets trouble on the way to the City. Are his prayers answered? Adam Coyne English EN Get File 67 kb
Path of the Night (The) On the hunt for the Vampire prince, Anna and her faithful companion search his tower. Adam Coyne English EN Get File 90 kb
Knight of Day (The) A tale to accompany the winning entry in the competition run for the 10th Anniversary of Talisman Island! Charlie Bright English EN Get File 150 kb
Talisman Chronicles (The) An epic tale of adventurers in the lands of Talisman! Douglas E. Toth English EN Get File 154 kb