4th Edition

Another recent(ish) addition to my collection, is a working copy of the Talisman 4th Edition from Black Industries, along with some playtest files for the Death & Glory expansion, that never saw release.

When FFG were developing the latest version of the game, I had assumed wrongly that the Lemure and Shadow cards that replaced some Bag of Gold cards in the game were new additions, but it seems they would have been released as part of Death & Glory.

The expansion includes a number of new Adventure cards and Spells, along with 8 Characters and 6 Alternative Endings, all of which bar one having since been absorbed into the Revised 4th Edition of Talisman from Fantasy Flight Games and The Reaper expansion.

It was a nice surprise to find the Golem, which is similar to the Gnome card featured in the main game, but a Strength version, to aid people in their quest for the Crown of Command!

It struck me that the artwork had probably been commissioned before the game moved to Fantasy Flight Games, as a number of pieces of artwork from Max Bertolini had turned up in The Reaper expansion and he was only responsible for the card artwork in the main game and Death & Glory for Black Industries.

A quick check and I came up with the most reasonable candidate for the job – the Colossus – who appears to have been repurposed!

You’ll notice too that I’ve removed the Mesmerism limitation, as most cards in the Revised 4th Edition of Talisman do not limit themselves to just one particular card. Purists will be pleased to see that I’ve created a 4th Edition style card, complete with the limitation in place as originally written.

You can check out a bit more about the history of the original 4th Edition using the link below.

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