4th Edition

A selection of expansions, characters and other home brew assets for the 4th Edition of Talisman

*Please note that expansions are usually presented in the same format as they were submitted to the site, but mainly packaged into zip files for convenience. It is possible that you will need to format the files a little in order to print them correctly.

You may sort the tables below by the Expansion Title and Author sections alphabetically if you click on the relevant header.

Expansion Title Author Link Size
Mortal Kombat Characters Isaac Heal Download 19.3 mb
Wooden Weapons Jon New Download 507 kb
Stone and Stuff Jon New Download 1.2 mb
Just Spirits Jon New Download 904 kb
Warlock’s Quest Tokens Jon New Download 330 kb
Toaded Turn Tokens Jon New Download 324 kb
Generic Turn Tokens Jon New Download 230 kb
Optional Character Redux Black Industries Download 633 kb
Errata Cards Black Industries Download 874 kb
Promotional Cards Black Industries Download 181 kb
Characters and More Saxonsun Download 1.2 mb
Character Cards Bigtopofun Download 734 kb
Cards and Guardians Dorian Hawkins Download 5.3 mb
Dungeon Doors Aaron Tubb Download 468 kb
Dragons! Bjerlk Ferlock Download 34.3 mb
Great Mine (The) Jonathan Edwards Download 50.8 mb