Mike’s Coffee Table

If you like to play the Revised 4th Edition of Talisman from Fantasy Flight Games, you will know the problems that the sheer size of the game boards and play area needed can bring.

Last year I was sent some images by Mike Lonsdale of a coffee table he purpose built for playing Talisman with his gaming buddies, which might be getting an upgrade in the near future.

The table has been made just the right size for the Talisman board with all four corner regions, with player trays cleverly hidden underneath that can slide out as required.

(Right click and open images in a new tab for more detailed look)

All stashed away nicely Folded out with play area
The whole shebang! …and in use (BBQ Sauce Optional)

After posting one of the pictures to the Talisman Island Facebook page, it seems that Mike’s table caught everyone’s imagination as it was the BIGGEST post ever on the page in terms of Likes, Views and Shares!

Over the following week or so, many people shared their table arrangements and I think it just shows how inventive people can be when it comes to gaming.

If you have a setup for playing Talisman that you would like to share, please get in touch, I am sure people would love to see it!

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