Alternate Figures

It was previously thought that there was just one alternate figure to show for the 3rd Edition of Talisman, as a percentage of the games actually shipped with the “club” version of the Minotaur miniature, instead of the “axe” version depicted on the character card.

Minotaur – Axe & Club variants available in Talisman 3rd Edition, Warhammer Quest and FT01 Dungeon Denizens – GW Toy Box Range

However, that all changed when Katie B. emailed me with questions about the the miniatures shown on the back of the box for a couple of the expansions. Something that I had not discovered in 20 years of owning the sets!

Katie had noticed that some of the minis featured on the box for Dungeon of Doom and City of Adventure were different from the ones that came in the box, and on further investigation it turned out that they were metal miniatures masquerading as plastic miniatures!

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Based on a couple of conversations with people that were at Games Workshop at the time, it appears that some of the minis were not available* when the expansions went to press, so they were replaced for the marketing shots which ended up on the back of the box, and in the articles in White Dwarf magazine.

*Note that this could also be why the character cards in the expansions for the 3rd Edition of Talisman use artwork instead of painted examples of minis, but that will be pondered upon at a later date.

The Beastman, Chaos Warrior, Black Orc and Chaos Dwarf miniatures from these expansions were already available in plastic form to help bulk out Warhammer armies and such, so those are the same as the ones you will find in the boxes.

From left to right in the pictures above, the figures shown are…

High Priest – Citadel Miniatures Catalogue 1993 – Empire – Battle Wizards – Light Wizard 73791/6 – The Stuff of Legends
Shaman – Citadel Miniatures Catalogue 1993 – Empire – Battle Wizards – Amber Wizard 73791/7 – The Stuff of Legends
Fire Wizard – Citadel Miniatures Catalogue 1992 – Empire – Battle Wizards – Bright Wizard 73791/2 – The Stuff of Legends
Druid – Citadel Miniatures Catalogue 1993 – Empire – Battle Wizards – Jade Wizard 73791/8 – The Stuff of Legends
Witch Elf – White Dwarf Magazine #120 – Marauder Miniatures – Witch Elves – MM73/1 – The Stuff of Legends
Dragonslayer – Citadel Miniatures Catalogue 1993 – Dwarfs – Gotrek and Felix – Gotrek Gurnisson 74380/1 – The Stuff of Legends
Halfling – Citadel Miniatures Catalogue 1992 – Empire – Imperial Halflings – Halfling with Sword 1 73886/4 – The Stuff of Legends
Assassin – Blood Bowl UK Mail Order Catalogue 1998 – Naggaroth Nightmares – Horkon Heartripper 099901601 – The Stuff of Legends

Unpainted miniatures displayed by kind permission of the CCM Wiki