1st & 2nd Edition

A selection of expansions, characters and other home brew assets for the 1st and 2nd Editions of Talisman

*Please note that expansions are usually presented in the same format as they were submitted to the site, but mainly packaged into zip files for convenience. It is possible that you will need to format the files a little in order to print them correctly.

You may sort the tables below by the Expansion Title and Author sections alphabetically if you click on the relevant header.

Expansion Title Author Link Size
Remade Characters & Tokens (only) from White Dwarf #115 Jon New Download 3.6 mb
Remade Characters & Tokens (only) from Le Héraut Citadel #2 Jon New Download 1.8 mb
Witch Character Jon New Download 876 kb
Noble Knight Character Jon New Download 747 kb
Assorted Adventure Cards Adam & William Demeter et al Download 37.9 mb
Great War (The) Carsten Both et al Download 10.5 mb
Halloween – Hexensabbat Edition Carsten Both Download 4.7 mb
Blood Bowl for Talisman Joe Lesko Download 50.9 mb
A selection of new self-illustrated cards Jonas Ekman Download 25.6 mb
Talisman: The Eggspansion Bob Churchill Download 380 kb
Talisman ‘Vanilla’ Overlay Kyle Huckins Download 3.3 mb
Talisman ‘Cataclysm’ Overlay Kyle Huckins Download 70.8 mb
Postman (The) Unknown Download 120 kb
Plain of Peril Thomas Erix Download 2.3 mb
Printer-friendly cards featured in
White Dwarf & Le Héraut Citadel
Jemy Murphy Download 42.2 mb
Cursed Xmas Thomas Erix Download 2.8 mb
Magical Sword Starter Set Gural & Jon New Article N/A   
TallyQuest v1.0 Jackyboy Download 37.5 mb
Dragon Masters Competition Entries Various Authors Article N/A   
Lucky 13 Competition Entries Various Authors Article N/A   
Noblemen Carsten Both Download 1.2 mb
Noblemen Cards Carsten Both Download 6.8 mb
Compleat Adventurer Character Gary Chalk et al Article N/A   
Small Magic 1 Paul Humphreys Article N/A   
Small Magic 2 Paul Humphreys Article N/A   
Talisman Island Jon New Download 1.4 mb
Talisman Island – Pirates!! Jon New Download 557 kb
Mystic Brews Jon New Download 1.7 mb
Key to the Kingdom Jon New Download 588 kb
Anglo-Zulu War Soldier Katie B. Download 3.2 mb
Sorcerer’s Tower Deluxe Expansion Bobski Download 20.6 mb
Far Outer Region Rob Wingrove Download 2.6 mb
Black’s Tavern Rob Wingrove Download 3.2 mb
Equestrian Set Rob Wingrove Download 1.4 mb
Talisman Rome Cameron Crawford & Scott Hudson Download 18.6 mb
Talisman Desert Cameron Crawford Download 4.0 mb
Vampire’s Keep Ken Picklesimer Download 3.3 mb
Night of Tiamat (The) Carsten Both Download 4.7 mb
Village (The) Carsten Both Download 5.2 mb
Anarchy in the Village Carsten Both Download 8.1 mb
Black Tower 2013 (The) Carsten Both Download 13.4 mb
Rural & Magic 2013 Carsten Both & Family Download 12.8 mb
Economy & Rulership 2013 Carsten & Moritz Both Download 24.7 mb
Glory & Dark 2013 Carsten Both & Family Download 11.5 mb
Wilderness 2013 Carsten Both Download 11.9 mb
German Language Teaser Carsten Both Download 1.6 mb
Curses Carsten Both Download 1.2 mb
Siege Jan Ostatek Download 2.6 mb
Sherwood Forest Joel Thorne Download 2.2 mb
Storm River 2 Joel Thorne & Rob Horton Download 934 kb
Iron Fortress Cards Joel Thorne & Jeffro Download 373 kb
Joel’s Board Factory Joel Thorne et al Download 4.4 mb
Business Jacopo Stefani Download 42.6 mb
Sea Realm Marijn van der Gaag Download 3.1 mb
Sea Realm 2 Marijn van der Gaag Download 1.8 mb
Adventure Cards Marijn van der Gaag Download 775 kb
Twilight Zone (The) Thomas Erix Download 1.6 mb
Talisman Town Thomas Erix Download 9.7 mb
Holy Grail (The) Thomas Erix Download 3.4 mb
Wychwood Beers Thomas Erix Download 954 kb
Hidden Valley (The) Thomas Erix Download 3.5 mb
Arena (The) Thomas Erix Download 2.9 mb
Land of Ice Djeryv Tar Download 30.4 mb
Land of Ice – Add On Djeryv Tar Download 9.9 mb
Land of Ice – Boards 1 Djeryv Tar Download 2.4 mb
Land of Ice – Boards 2 Djeryv Tar Download 3.6 mb
Djeryv’s Expansion Djeryv Tar Download 46.2 mb
Le Héraut Citadel Cards Djeryv Tar Download 3.2 mb
Realm of Cthulhu Alex Tsavalos Download 5.1 mb
Ozz’s Trade & Barter The Ozzman Download 354 kb
Cursed Swamp Lorenzo Bocchio Download 1.5 mb
Nova’s Dragons Lorenzo Bocchio Download 999 kb
Renegade Legion Lorenzo Bocchio Download 513 kb
Grotto (The) Lorenzo Bocchio Download 1.0 mb
Mortal Fighters Lorenzo Bocchio Download 504 kb
Dungeon Cards Alan Weiss Download 1.3 mb
Tower of Vittorio (The) Vittorio Alinari Download 1.2 mb
Magical Storm Marco Corradini Download 49.6 mb
Holy Grail (The) Bill Ingram Download 671 kb
Titles Bill Ingram Download 176 kb
Space Ghost Bill Ingram Download 258 kb
Magic the Gathering Arena Bill Ingram Download 110 kb
Blake’s 7 Ian Moor Download 1.5 mb
Willo the Wisp Ian Moor Download 124 kb
Warlock’s Maze (The) Andy Sekela Download 549 kb
Dragonlands (The) Andy Sekela Download 1.4 mb
Underworld (The) Andy Sekela Download 2.3 mb
Space Hulk Andy Sekela Download 2.7 mb
Tavern (The) Andy Sekela Download 1.1 mb
Village (The) Andy Sekela Download 1.5 mb
Star Trek Michael Mullins Download 1.2 mb
Illuminati Michael Mullins Download 1.3 mb
Zombies!! Nick Waters Download 439 kb
V Nick Waters Download 477 kb
Dragonlance Matt Solarz Download 761 kb
Estates Kirk Becker Download 732 kb
IT! Matthew Tolley Download 8 kb
Dark Woods Lukas Zach Download 991 kb
Atlantida Matej Kus Download 2.2 mb
Quests Roey & Hagay Schurr Download 207 kb
Desert Region Daerick Gross Download 2.0 mb
Hellraiser Ray Johnson Download 219 kb
Thundercats Ray Johnson Download 259 kb
Flip Characters Ray Johnson Download 669 kb
Evolution Characters Ray Johnson Download 128 kb
Ray’s Card Factory Ray Johnson Download 20.4 mb
Ronin Warriors Chris Rhodes Download 591 kb
Gothic Horrors Steve Fiscus Download 7.2 mb
Immortals Steve Fiscus Download 985 kb
Mountain Pass Ghislain Simard Download 3.9 mb
Crowns & Spells Jason Hughes Download 899 kb
Ascension Jason Hughes Download 421 kb
Draw One Card Timothy Pulver Download 2.2 mb
2000 A.D. Matt Nadelhaft Download 2.2 mb
Xena Cardset Matt Nadelhaft Download 654 kb
Card Cauldron 1 Thomas Erix Download 2.8 mb
Card Cauldron 2 Thomas Erix Download 1.5 mb
Gallery Cards Bill Ingram Download 4.0 mb
Gallery Cards The Ozzman Download 853 kb
Gallery Cards Jon, Katie & Dominic New Download 645 kb
Gallery Cards Nick Waters Download 1.1 mb
Gallery Cards Jürgen Geiger Download 2.0 mb
Gallery Cards Matt Nadelhaft Download 771 kb
Gallery Cards Michael Mullins Download 848 kb
Gallery Cards Rob Wingrove Download 2.9 mb
Gallery Cards Joel Thorne Download 344 kb
Gallery Cards Ell Teeter & Max Hannan Download 301 kb
Gallery Cards Lorenzo Bocchio Download 261 kb
Gallery Cards Daerick Gross Download 1.7 mb
Tom’s Board Factory Tom Braun et al Download 17.5 mb
Treasure Cards Chris van Deelen Download 2.1 mb
Homebrewed Cards Chris van Deelen Download 1.7 mb
World of Light and Dark Duane Haut Download 130 kb
Gallery Cards Alex Tsavalos Download 899 kb
Christmas Cards Alex Tsavalos Download 878 kb
Denizens Lorenzo Bocchio Download 270 kb
Dreams Carsten Both Download 3.7 mb
Magical Rings Chris Gladish Download 210 kb
Adventure Cards Paul Holroyd Download 1.3 mb
Slivers & Walls Sluggo Download 573 kb
Tower of the Serpent Matthew Tolley Download 2.6 mb
Character Cards Dave Walters Download 1.0 mb
World of Warcraft Spells Almen Download 194 kb
Talis Card Game Duane Haut Download 104 kb
Talisman Places Duane Haut Download 3.4 mb
Rainforest (The) Scott Davenport Download 6.6 mb
Shire (The) Thomas Erix Download 964 kb
New Timescape Earl Wynn Download 7.5 mb
Goodbye Mister Gygax Jean-Marie Baveux Download 3.3 mb
Goodbye Mister Gygax – Addon & FAQ Jean-Marie Baveux Download 460 kb
Dragons! Robert Condon Download 14.8 mb
Grandia Ed Webb Download 1.6 mb