Warhammer Quest

After finding the five “lost” cards from the prototype version of Talisman 3rd Edition, I discovered that some of the artwork from the game that found its way onto Treasure cards in Warhammer Quest.

It took a while, but I eventually realised that one of the comparisons I had made was incorrect, and a “new” piece of artwork had made its way into the game which more than likely started life as an illustration for Talisman.

A lot of the Wayne England artwork of this style was used between Talisman and Warhammer Quest, so if you have noticed any more of them that I have not featured on the site, please let me know!

There was nothing else to be done but to make up a card using the artwork, and after some discussion with Nemomon we had come up with the Locked Chest.

The card was added to the Talisman 3rd Edition plugin for Strange Eons (SE2) as the primary example for an Adventure card (well, Mountain card), but you can change it to anything you fancy!

*I hadn’t really noticed before, but the Treasure card from Warhammer Quest actually uses the same background as the Mountain card from Talisman. Another coincidence!

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