A little something extra…


Due to the fact that there is now an OFFICIAL boxed expansion that uses the name The Lost Realms, I have changed the name of this project to The Realms of Legend and have remade some of the files to replace any images that use that particular name.

To remove any doubt, the OFFICIAL expansion is a collection of the two Print on Demand expansions, The Nether Realm & The Deep Realms (coincidentally also designed by me!), and both of the UNOFFICIAL expansions – The Realms of Legend & The Realms Untravelled – have been collected with a similar box that is named The Realms of Adventure!

So, after what seems to have been a successful few beta tests, we’ve now entered the final phase of development for The Lost Realms Community Expansion… or at least, we probably would have if I didn’t keep coming up with ideas!

It’s not all bad though, as we should be nearly there and once the final bits of artwork are complete, it should be a matter of days before release.

Probably… 🙂

After reviewing some of the feedback from the beta phase, a couple of changes have been made and I also decided to add a bit more theme to the expansion by increasing the number of cards in the Border deck to 42.

A bit of playing about in Photoshop also gave us what turned out to be a template for the Forge deck, and a back image for the Realm cards.

The decision to change the cover art was taken, and I think we’ve ended up with a much more fitting piece, which is also used in the expansion as one of the Trails.

There has also been progress in the translation to Polish of the expansion, but obviously this will be completed once everything is finalised.

Then, I had a thought to add some value to the expansion by adding something a bit unusual to the mix… a box!

It started out as just a little something for myself, and then figured I could also add a few bits to make it a worthwhile addition so it has become The Realms Collection!

This will be a separate download, which consists of a template for printing a box to hold the two existing Print on Demand expansions, plus The Lost Realms.

As a standard “small box” expansion is not quite wide enough to take a PoD rulesheet, I have set about remaking the rules for the three expansions in a larger sheet format (à la Reaper expansion et al), and have added some alternative rules for The Nether Realm and a couple of suggested changes for The Deep Realms.

There will also be a set of three new Alternative Endings which are themed on the three expansions which should round things off nicely and make up for the delays in getting the expansion out to you!

Phew! So, it’s all moving along nicely now we’ve got past the festive period and the New Year.

Apart from rejigging the rules, we are just waiting on a few bits of artwork and a template, but it is all in progress.

Oh, and in other news which you might have missed, there has been an initiative in Poland from the fan site Magia i Miecz EU to print two special one-off copies of The Lost Realms expansion which have been auctioned off for the Polish charity – WOŚP that tries to make life a bit more bearable for kids and older people in hospital!

WOŚP (Great Orchestra of Christmas) Web Site

Auction for the Polish language version

Auction for the English language version

Magia i Miecz EU Facebook Page

The auctions are doing rather well, though if you feel particularly flush you can snag yourself a copy (when it is complete obviously!) without having to print it all out yourself, but hurry, as it all ends tomorrow!!!

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