Larry’s Game Storage

As you will know, when you have collected all everything that FFG has produced for the Revised Fourth Edition of Talisman, there is just no way it is all going to fit into the main game box anymore! Cue an email from Larry Fettinger of the InD20 Group with a very cool solution using a case made for carrying miniatures!

Larry has used “The Sergeant” bag from Portable Warfare which is available in a number of colours, with a couple of “build out” options to maximise your particular storage needs. It’s not the cheapest thing I have ever seen, but certainly worth checking out to see if it will work for you.

Just as an aside, I am absolutely loving the Tactical Orange version of the bag and might just have to get one!

Portable Warfare’s “The Sergeant” miniatures case
Character-type cards and dice, including dice for attribute tokens!
Adventure-type cards in the deepest foam tray, with tokens and Dragon Rider mini!
One tray of miniatures…
…and another tray of miniatures!

I really must get busy and sort out the wooden box that I was repurposing for my Talisman set. It looks like Larry has me beaten currently as his solution seems to be future proof and certainly more portable than my idea!

If you have any interesting and cool storage ideas for your copy of Talisman, then I’d love to hear about them. Don’t forget to send pics!