What a difference a day makes…


Due to the fact that there is now an OFFICIAL boxed expansion that uses the name The Lost Realms, I have changed the name of this project to The Realms of Legend and have remade some of the files to replace any images that use that particular name.

To remove any doubt, the OFFICIAL expansion is a collection of the two Print on Demand expansions, The Nether Realm & The Deep Realms (coincidentally also designed by me!), and both of the UNOFFICIAL expansions – The Realms of Legend & The Realms Untravelled – have been collected with a similar box that is named The Realms of Adventure!

…as the song goes!

After posting yesterday’s update, I had a conversation with Cookierobber about an old post on the forum from sanityismyvanity and his idea to make Trail cards be a bit more interesting.

I must admit, I must have glossed over the post as I must have been concentrating on another aspect of the expansion, but when we had finished chatting I had fallen in love with the idea.

Basically, it was suggested the Trails be the only real route to the upper reaches of the realms, and we’ve fleshed it out a little further.

If you remain on a Trail (rather than being moved elsewhere), and it is not the end of your turn (by being defeated by a creature) you can then press on up to the Elder Village or the Forgotten Forge, depending on which space you are on.

To allow for this, both lower spaces have been changed to straight draw card spaces, as the average turn within the realm should (grabs calculator) be 3 turns. The upper spaces were also amended slightly, to give both a nothing result, and even out the other values.

This of course meant that the rules sheets, Realm cards and the Trails needed an overhaul, and I’ve managed to do that over the course of today. It’s possible that I’ve missed something glaringly obvious, but I am sure you will let me know!

There is still the missing artwork and templates to sort, but I think the expansion is in a pretty good state at the moment.

If there are any problems with the files, or any particular issues you can think of with card effects with any other cards in the game, please let me know.

Otherwise I think we are nearly ready for some playtesting to take place!

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