CleverSteps Character Bases

So, you love playing Talisman, but don’t have the time or talent to paint the grey plastic figures that come with the game?

Having trouble telling your Elf from your Sorceress?

CleverSteps have the answer for you!

They have created a range of 3D printed bases that attach to your miniatures to add a splash of colour so that they can easily be distinguished across the board.

Miniatures from the base game have slightly larger bases than those in the expansions, so there are sets available for any combination of figures.

Toads have been given a special base that will accommodate all four styles of figure, so you don’t have to worry about finding one that fits.

They’ve even come up with a solution for the later expansions that have some miniatures that are non-standard, like the Ogre Chieftain and Magus. There’s also a colour spare (white) just in case another “oddity” gets released!

NPC figures, like the Grim Reaper have been given a nice silver base, just to set them apart. Unfortunately, at the time of publication I did not have a spare Harbinger mini to hand, but it should easily fit in the smaller expansion-style base.

As you can see in the video above, the bases easily snap on and off the miniatures so you can swap them around to your heart’s content.

Such a simple addition to your game, but a very useful one indeed!

(Right click and open images in a new tab for more detailed look)

A nice neat little box of goodies!
Standard & Toad bases Expansion & Special bases
Base Game Characters Expansion Characters
Toad bases – a very clever design!
Specially-shaped bases NPC bases