NPC Design Competition Results

Thanks to the generosity of Coiledspring Games, I was able to run the first competition in a while here on Talisman Island to win a copy of the reprinted Revised 4th Edition of Talisman from Games Workshop.

I was able to add in the free download codes for Talisman: Digital Edition on Steam from Nomad Games and Asmodee Digital and those friendly Nomads even donated a couple of download codes for the newly released The Harbinger expansion!

I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of entries for the competition and really enjoyed looking over the descriptions and, in some cases, finished articles.

Take a look over the entries and try them out if you fancy! If anyone wishes to complete their expansions, I’ll be only too happy to host them here at Talisman Island.

*Please note that the expansions presented below are not guaranteed to be complete and may just be text files as it was not necessary to include artwork with the entries.

You may sort the tables below by the Expansion Title and Author sections alphabetically if you click on the relevant header.

Expansion Title Author Link Size
Accursed (The) Ken Whitehurst Download 2 kb
Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves Björn Manau Download 550 kb
Arena Master (The) Jeff Dobberpuhl Download 2 kb
Balance Master (The) François F. Download 10.0 mb
Bard (The) Bob Churchill Download 17.8 mb
Beastmaster (The) Tristan Burgess Download 1 kb
Crossroads Devil (The) Alejandro Jimenez Rivera Download 1 kb
Evil Wizard The Web Expert Download 2.7 mb
Good Wizard The Web Expert Download 2.3 mb
Green Knight (The) Jonnie Hedqvist Download 819 kb
Krampus Marcin “Nemomon” Chrostowski Download 9.1 mb
Living Sentinel (The) “playhavock” Download 1 kb
Mab Nicholas Hayes Download 1 kb
Mr. Gunishiki “playhavock” Download 1 kb
Mummy King (The) Alexander Just Download 1 kb
Old Wizard (The) Jakub “Cruan” Havel Download 12 kb
Pirate Ship (The) Thomaidis Dimitrios Download 12 kb
Prince & Princess (The) Alexander Just Download 1 kb
River Spirit (The) Thomaidis Dimitrios Download 17 kb
Rook (The) Bob Churchill Download 4.6 mb
Soul Eater (The) Alejandro Jimenez Rivera Download 1 kb
Storm River Serpent (The) Katie B. Download 636 kb
Tavern Bouncer (The) Peter Fulford Download 250 mb
Transmogrifer (The) Lee Wardle Download 2 kb
Warden (The) Nicholas Hayes Download 1 kb

It was very difficult to pick a winner of the reprinted copy of Talisman from Coiledspring Games as there were so many interesting ideas, plus a lot of them were rather similar in design, but hearty congratulations go to…

*blows trumpet*

The Storm River Serpent by Katie B. – a slithering NPC that is attracted by the sounds and smells of battle, or any disturbance on her waters!

I really enjoyed the nod to an expansion for the 2nd Edition of Talisman by Paul Humphreys which is also available on the site under Features > Fan Creations > Small Magic.

In fact, after noticing that the current Talisman board art by Ralph Horsley contains not one, but TWO massive serpents, I just had to make up a completed expansion using Kate’s ideas and a fair amount of artistic license!

It’s not quite finished, but I will be making a page for people to download it soon, so stay tuned for that!

Here’s a teaser in the mean time…

Winners of the download codes for Talisman: Digital Edition, with the first two names getting a copy of The Harbinger expansion, courtesy of Nomad Games, are as follows…

(Note: One of the second prize winners was to be Krampus by Marcin “Nemomon” Chrostowski, but as he already has the Season Pass for Talisman: Digital Edition, he kindly allowed for the prize to be passed along!)

* The Green Knight by Jonnie Hedqvist – a wandering NPC that tries to keep the realms in order under strict instructions of the King himself!

* Mab by Nicholas Hayes – a familiar face from The Woodland and she is brutal!

The Transmogrifer by Lee Wardle – you never know who you are going to meet on your travels!

The Tavern Bouncer by Peter Fulford – being a Tavern Farmer in the digital game, I have a bit of a soft spot for Tavern-related expansions!

The Prince & Princess by Alexander Just – I love the idea about the two NPCs being used as a timer that is also a bit dangerous to be around!

The Pirate Ship by Thomaidis Dimitrios – if you’ve ever seen the original Talisman Island expansion, you will know that I like pirates!

The Crossroads Devil by Alejandro Jimenez Rivera – which reminds me of a song by The Charlie Daniels Band from back in the 70s!

I just wish that I could have given a prize to everyone that entered, as all of the entries were rather fun and, as mentioned earlier, there were a fair few similarities between them. I suppose it just shows that everyone was on the right track!

Thank you so much to all those that took the time to enter and especially to everyone at Coiledspring Games and Nomad Games for donating prizes.

Next year sees the 20th Anniversary of Talisman Island, and I already have ideas for a couple of competitions that I will be running next year. One of them will be based on Characters, so you should maybe get your thinking caps on now!

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