Ajwer’s Sculptures

It’s always nice when a fan produces some art based on Talisman, but it probably pretty rare to see someone creating sculptures based on some of the art from the game!

Ajwer, a Polish gamer and artist, has done just that and produced some bronze sculptures which are mainly based on the Polish version of Talisman – Magia i Miecz.

The Morlok and Vampire are taken from the Jaskinia (Cave) expansion, and two dragons are based on box art use for the game. As you will probably notice, the 2nd Edition of Magia i Miecz used the same art that was used for Talisman: The Adventure.

Morlok from Jaskinia expansion
Vampire from Jaskinia expansion
Cover of Magia i Miecz 2nd Edition
Cover of Talisman 2nd Edition

For those that do not know, the Jaskinia expansion was only produced in Poland for Magia i Miecz, and later for Magiczny Miecz. There is some debate whether or not it should be considered “canon” for historical purposes, but there are some rather interesting themes running throughout the expansion that could well be presented here on the site soon!

If you have dabbled in producing some fan art inspired by Talisman, then I’d be interested in covering it here on Talisman Island, and don’t forget to let me have some images!