Dronolan’s Tower

Some time ago I came across a site, run by composer David Allen Young of Forever Young Music, offering a selection of fabulous albums with music to suit any fantasy gaming group, under the banner of Dronolan’s Tower.


The albums, which all feature over an hour of stirring tunes, work very well in setting the scene for an epic game. If you visit the Dronolan’s Tower website, you will be able to listen to some examples and see for yourself.

Legends of Kitholan Journeys in Darkness Rise of the Barbarian

Of particular interest is the first track on Journeys In Darkness Volume 1: Those Who Dwell Beneath. The track can be listened to in full below and may sound a little familiar to some of you.

Prelude: The Hand Of Fate

The track is based on some work undertaken by David for Big Rooster LLC, when he was asked to supply the music for the (cancelled) video game version of Talisman: The Magical Quest Game, which was due to be released by Capcom.

Main Theme Victory Theme Death Theme

Although I am quite sad that the game was not completed, I am pleased that David retained the rights to his compositions and was able to use them in other projects so that people are able to enjoy them.

Of course, there has been much going on in the world regarding a video game version of Talisman, and we finally have fantastic versions of the game from Nomad Games in the form of Talisman Prologue and Talisman Digital Edition!