HallowKnight’s Printing Tips

There has been a bit of discussion recently over at the FFG forums and the Talisman Yahoo Group about the best ways to produce home made expansions and a couple of people have kindly agreed to make a tutorial detailing the way they make cards.

First up is industrious forum member HallowKnight. You may have seen his work late last year when he created a fabulous “Hex” Halloween Lantern. So without further ado, here is how he does it…

Print out on large full-sheet label paper.
Make it slightly larger than you need.
Attach the sheet to heavy card stock paper.
Lining up is not important at this stage.
Trim the cards to size very carefully.
Using a cheap ruler cutter works well.
Print backs on large full-sheet label paper.
Don’t remove the labels yet. Trim to size.
Attach the backs to the trimmed fronts.
You now have a label/card/label sandwich.
Trim down to the size of the card back.
Trim down the corners as well.
You’re done!! Now you have your own little expansion!