HallowKnight’s Hex Lantern

If you happen to frequent the Black Industries forums you may have seen a post by HallowKnight asking if anyone was planning a Talisman-themed Halloween. He then went on to say that he was thinking of making a special Halloween Lantern and the results were later posted for all to see. I thought it was only fair to give this endeavour its own page to show it off a little better!

The first stages appear to be quite straightforward in that you need to get the artwork from a high quality scan of the card, loading that into Paint (or similar) and making an image mask to help define the areas needed for the template. After printing it out then starts the task of cutting the template out.

The template is then secured to the pumpkin and sprayed with black paint which leaves a “negative” on the surface. The black sections are then removed using an assortment of implements to allow the light to shine through.

After much more cutting and removal of the pulp (Pumpkin Soup anyone?), and hopefully with all fingers intact, the friendly image of Death takes shape!

The finished article ready to scare small children witless! I think HallowKnight has done a great job and can only wonder at what plans he has for next year! A set of 14 Character Pumpkins perhaps?


This year HallowKnight made a poll over at the FFG forums to see what the theme for his pumpkin should be this year and it resulted in a landslide vitory for the Toad. Ribbit!

Seeing as he made a pretty sweet article last year I am only showing the latter stages of the “make” along with the finished product. Another amazing effort I think!!!