Magical Sword

Many moons ago a chap called Gural from Poland was helping me to translate the clone game Magiczny Miecz (Magical Sword) into English. Gural got very busy with college work and I filed away the documents for another day. Not so long ago I found those documents again and realised I could at least make the translated board available for people to use with their Talisman game.

The board for Magical Sword is similar to the main Talisman board, but it is inside out! A player begins in the middle of the board and works his way up and out of the board to the outer region. Once there, he can then try to cross the Stone Bridge which spans the board with a view to entering the Castle of the Beast and winning the game!

You can see here that the spaces are just like those in Talisman, but some have different names and slightly different effects. Generally though they are just lifted straight from Talisman.

If you find something on the board that doesn’t make sense, just give me a shout and I’ll try to sort it out for you. For instance, the only way to get from the Lower Region to the Middle Region is via Hallowed Ground to the Forest of Will-o-Wisps and from the Middle to Upper Region is via the Windswept Pass to the Valley of Skulls.

The four cards above are used with this board and there are many other cards from Magical Sword, which I’ll be trying to release periodically for you to add to the game.

The Magical Sword and Toliman’s Shield are just two different types of Talisman and being Turned to Stone is the Magical Sword equivalent of being Toaded. The Dagger is another Sword, though Magical Sword already has a Sword which costs the same and offers the same bonuses!

The Board, Cards and Stone Bridge Encounter Sheet can be downloaded here –

Magical Sword 1