Dragon Masters Competition

This little (and I really mean little!) competition started it’s life as a feature on how Games Workshop used to use Talisman as a marketing tool to assist in the selling of other games. Dragon Masters and Dungeonquest are good examples of this as they proudly carry the legend “From the makers of Talisman” on their boxes.

I wanted to obtain a copy of each game to satisfy my urge for collecting all things that relate to Talisman and eventually managed to. However, whilst I was hunting the games on Ebay, I noticed that Dragon Masters used art on it’s cards that looked eerily familiar!

As well as the 40 or so cards that use art previously found in Talisman, there are 18 card types that use original artwork, though it may have been used in other Games Workshop publications.

Originally I was going to make some cards up to post on the site as some sort of “Lost Artwork” feature and give you the option of downloading them as a complete zip file, but why should I have all of the fun?

I will be posting these cards in five batches and will throw the card making over to visitors to Talisman Island. There will be a small prize involved for the best entry for each image. I will not be using a closing date as they will only be posted in small numbers so cards should not be too tricky to produce. When I feel there are enough entries I will publish the results and add another batch for you to go at. However, if there is not much interest I may end each heat after a couple of weeks or just post everything else at once, but I hope this won’t be the case.

The prize for each winning card entry will be a much sought after “Talisman Island Competition Winner’s Toad”! WOW!! I hear you shout… or was that OH NO!?

Please note that the Toad will be unbased, unpainted and unofficial 🙂

If you want a closer look at him, go and check out the Alternates part of the Miniatures section.

When the competition is complete there MAY be a prize for the best overall entry… but I will have to see what I can come up with. It might not be much, but it will be slightly better than a “Talisman Island Competition Winner’s Toad”!


You will be pleased to learn that I have managed to secure a Grand Prize for the overall winner of the competition!!

Robert Basine has kindly donated a copy of the “fabled” White Knight cards as a prize for the competition. If you have never seen them you should go and check out the Archives section and look at the Talisman Adventures site.

These cards are not official, but somebody using the name White Knight Enterprises produced a set of twenty new cards for Talisman. The special thing about them is that they have been professionally printed and die cut. They are indistinguishable from ordinary Adventure cards when they have been added to your card deck.

The story goes that Robert discovered these cards at some sort of garage sale (lucky bleeder!). There was a box with a job lot of these card sheets which he has been selling on and off via eBay.

Below you will find the entries to the various heats of the competition, with a list of the winning entries. I hope you will find them useful!

Heat One

Peter Hansson – Saboteur
Thomas Erix – Tame Dragon
Alex Tsavalos – Taint & Vulture
Timothy Pulver – Sparkly Pants

Runner Up:
Malechi – Dry Season

Download Heat One Entries

Heat Two

Malechi – Wood Ogres
Timothy Pulver – Tidal Wave
Bloodrabbit – Dagger of the Black Knight
Ballista – Sam Wallace

Runner Up:
Peter Hansson – Treeman

Download Heat Two Entries

Heat Three

Malechi – Wood Elf
Timothy Pulver – Avalanche Painting
John Rosen – Flying Bandit
Peter Hansson – Scurvy

Runner Up:
Sam Wallace – Artificer

Download Heat Three Entries

Heat Four

SeSim – Buccaneer
David Dalley – Firestorm
Sam Wallace – Ancient Amulet
John Rosen – Uprising

Runner Up:
Peter Hansson – Amulet of Vigour

Download Heat Four Entries

Bonus Heat

Alex Tsavalos – A Warning
David Dalley – Hot Air Balloon

Download Bonus Heat Entries

The Winner!

This is a slightly belated update, but a winner has been chosen!!

It’s with great pleasure I can announce that the winner of the Talisman Island Dragon Masters Competition is…..

…..SeSim, with his great new character, the Buccaneer!!

So a copy of the White Knight cards will be zooming via carrier pigeon over to Poland at the first opportunity!

The masses voted (well, 21 of them at least!) and the results can be viewed here.

A HUGE vote of thanks to all of you who entered the competition. I hope you enjoyed making the cards as much as I enjoyed judging them. I think it was a great experiment and was well worth it.

Stay tuned to Talisman Island as I have another sheet of White Knight cards that needs a home. All I need to think of is a theme for a new competition!!!