Talismint: Magical Adventures in Mint Tin Game Design

So, back in 2018 I saw a post on the Print and Play Gaming Facebook Group about the BoardGameGeek Mint Tin Design Competition, and although I could never enter the competition with a licensed property like Talisman, I figured it would be fun to try and work out how to get such a sprawling game into a space as small as an Altoids tin.
I think the hardest part was trying to distil the essence of the game into something so small. I’m not sure if I’ve actually managed it, but it should be enough to waste ten minutes of your life when you are particularly bored one wet afternoon!
I had the tokens and hexes made up by The Game Crafter, characters by DriveThruCards, Denis kindly printed off the storage tray and organiser, and a local printer made the stickers and insert sheet for me. Oh yes, and I got the Altoids from Morrisons in town!
For information, the character cards are “Mini-American” size (41 x 63 mm), the hexes are “Mini Hex Tiles” (1.25 x 1.08 in), the Alginment tokens are “Large Circle Chits” (1 x 1 in) and the Space tokens are “Medium Circle Chits” (0.75 x 0.75 in).
You can download the files that I used to make up the project packaged up in a 29 meg zip file through the link below:
Talismint: Magical Adventures in Mint Tin Game Design
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Mint Tin Design Contests on BoardGameGeek
Character Cards
Space Tokens
Adventure Tokens
Alignment Tokens
Time Token
Special Tokens

Original Components Required
Front Label Back Label
Player Organiser Component Storage
Insert Front Insert Back