Wrzew’s Game Board Art

I’m very pleased to be able to present some fantastic artwork from the very talented Wojciech Rzewuski for you to download and localise to your native language should you wish.

Many of you will have already seen his work in Strange Eons, where his artwork has been used for the Rooftop Runner example card for the City card template.

He is also responsible for the Realm card artwork for the community expansion, The Lost Realms, which should be available soon!

Basically, these boards have been drawn up for a project by Polish forum user Stave, and Wrzew has allowed them to be hosted on Talisman Island so that people might use them in their own games.

The boards are colourful re-imaginings of various official and fan-made creations, but can effectively be used in any way you see fit, provided your new creation matches the given artwork!

Each file is in a layered TIF format, with a single text layer for you to duplicate and use as required.

Main Board
69.9 mb
The Cave
79.2 mb
Mage’s Tower
67.0 mb
The City
79.3 mb
The Sewers
71.2 mb
The Den
49.0 mb
The Village
83.9 mb
68.2 mb