Warhammer Quest

I ran a competition on Talisman Island a while ago using artwork from a Games Workshop game called Dragon Masters which had in turn used artwork from the 2nd Edition of Talisman.

This article is a collection of artwork from the 3rd Edition of Talisman this time, which was used in the much loved dungeon stomp – Warhammer Quest!

The game features the artwork on a collection of Treasure Cards that are used in the game. These were sold as expansions after the initial release of WHQ in small sets. You can see that sets 2 and 3 even use box art from Talisman!

The cards shown below aren’t really useful for Talisman, nor do they display the artwork particularly well, but I thought they might be interesting to a true Talisman Geek!

Some of the artwork is used for multiple Treasure cards, there are four Scrolls for example, but I will only display one of each type for the sake of symmetry.

And yes, the last example is actually taken from the 2nd Edition!

PS – I have since realised the Casket & Fine Clothes comparison is incorrect, but it does mean that there is a “lost” piece of artwork from Talisman. Check out the “Lost Files” pages for more information.