Adventurer Token Packs

Some time ago I posted on Facebook about a set of Adventurer Packs I had made up for keeping control of the various attribute tokens when playing Talisman.

I realise that a lot of people play the game using a “banker” who dishes out all of the tokens and coins as you go along, but with the physical size of the Talisman board, sometimes it can get a bit messy when throwing cones about the place!

As a fix, I figured it would be nice to issue each player with a packs of tokens that they can use to keep track of their own attributes.

I bought my first lot of trays via eBay, but have since found them MUCH cheaper at Home Bargains, at £1 for four trays!

As a bonus, the token boxes should fit in whatever container you use for your character-sized cards, and will fit in with whatever storage solution you are using at present.

One of the Adventurer Packs ready for play!
Bead & Jewellery Storage Boxes… …ready to fill with tokens!
All loaded up! Woodland, Dragon and other tokens

I have a lot of spares in my Talisman collection, so I’ve adjusted the number of tokens you would have access to in a normal game, but not by much.

In each Adventurer Pack, there are 2 large and 8 small Strength, Craft and Life cones, 8 Gold coins, 8 Fate tokens, 6 Dragon Slumber tokens, 12 Fireland tokens and 2 Talisman dice!

As you can see, I also use one of the counter trays for the tokens from The Woodland and The Dragon expansions along with some home-brew tokens for the Elementalist character etc.

I’ve linked to the Home Bargains website, but I don’t think that they list these trays online, so just pop in when you pass one!

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