ModCube Event Dice

There have been a number of attempts at making a special Event Die for Talisman, to help with the activation of various game effects that are usually triggered by the movement die or by drawing a particular card-type.

However, printing stickers at home and cutting them out can be a bit fiddly and, nice as they are, having bespoke dice engraved by Chessex or another manufacturer can be a rather expensive way to do it!

Another issue, though less so in the case of stickered dice, is that once you have made some dice up it is rather difficult to add new options as necessary.

Stickered die by BlackSimon Engraved die by Deniax

Enter 3DG with a successful Kickstarter campaign to produce a rather clever gaming tool in the shape of a ModCube.

ModCubes can be used as tokens for keeping track of attributes for tabletop games or as dice… or both!

Fast forward a little and I made an enquiry about having bespoke tokens printed for use with ModCubes, and Steve from 3DG was keen to help as it is something he was interested in offering to users.

Using ModCubes for X-Wing Using ModCubes for Infinity

Obviously using official imagery can be a bit of a legal grey area, so I suggested using images from, who have a great range of over 2000 simple icons to use in either PNG or SVG formats.

Using a grid image that was supplied, I started to paste in images from the site, adapting a couple of them as you can see later on.

You will notice that most of the icons are in multiples of six, so that each player can have a die handy in his play area. With 80 possible icons in the grid, you can have two full sets of dice and some oddments for testing purposes as I have done.

For the first versions, I used transparent PNG files and later converted them to SVG using an online service, but you will be glad to know that Steve has simplified the process since our initial efforts and it does not involve quite as many steps!

Full details are on the Custom Sets page on the Modcube website.

Grid Setup Laser Output
Example of a completed Modcube The Ice Queen cometh!
What’s in the box? Size comparison with standard Talisman dice
The Dwarf realised that it would have been better to save some fate for when the Toad King came calling…

Many of the icons that I have used are to represent official NPCs in Talisman, but there are others for home-brew examples like the Toad King by Lasse Brøgger and my Ice Queen and The Lady. There are even a couple that haven’t made it out of my head as yet!

The Yes/No tokens are something I wanted to have to replicate the famous Most Important Rule method of answering rules questions introduced by Games Workshop in Talisman 3rd Edition.

You can load up the ModCube with any combination of tokens depending on which expansions you are playing with, even using the reverse side as a blank if needs be.

I am thinking that I might grab a set of the number tokens to make up some standard dice for playing, perhaps even making up some Realm dice too.

Dragon King Grim Reaper Werewolf Harbinger
Day Night Toad King * Ice Queen *
Ifrit The Lady Wraith Lord Black Knight
Relic Hero Relic Nemesis

ModCube Web Store

ModCube Custom Sets Page

Game Icons Website

*Suitable icons for the Toad King and Ice Queen were not available, so these were made by combining images from the site.