The Big Bang Theory

Eagle-eyed fans may have noticed that Talisman 4th Edition from Black Industries had been featured on the CBS comedy – The Big Bang Theory.

It’s great to see the game on the small screen, and it has been featured four times so far. You have to wonder though if anyone at CBS really knows how the game works as some of the scenes have far too many characters in play. Unless of course these uber geeks have some mad Talisman skills!

I don’t know if it has been seen on screen since these episodes, but I am sure someone will let me know!

Series 1: Episode 16 – The Peanut Reaction

3 Players – 6 Characters – 2 Toads!

Drink AND food on the table!

Series 1: Episode 17 – The Tangerine Factor

4 Players – 8 Characters – 3 Toads!

“Enslaved by Warlocks, stay here until you roll 2, 4 or 6”

Series 2: Episode 14 – The Financial Permeability

3 Players – 4 Characters – 1 Toad!

“We’re on a quest to the Valley of Fire to acquire the sacred Crown”

Series 3: Episode 20 – The Spaghetti Catalyst

3 Players – 3 Characters – 2 Toads!

No Adventure cards, but plenty of tokens on the board!