A bit of a quiet week or two…


Due to the fact that there is now an OFFICIAL boxed expansion that uses the name The Lost Realms, I have changed the name of this project to The Realms of Legend and have remade some of the files to replace any images that use that particular name.

To remove any doubt, the OFFICIAL expansion is a collection of the two Print on Demand expansions, The Nether Realm & The Deep Realms (coincidentally also designed by me!), and both of the UNOFFICIAL expansions – The Realms of Legend & The Realms Untravelled – have been collected with a similar box that is named The Realms of Adventure!

There has been a bit of a lull in proceedings this past couple of weeks, due to real life getting in the way for both myself and Cookierobber, though a little progress has been made.

Our resident graphic designer has come up with some rather nice card backs for the small cards in the expansion and is currently working on a few bits and pieces including new card front templates.

After a small discussion on the forums, I decided to rename the expansion as a Community Expansion to be more inclusive and to reflect the design process, as you can see in the updated graphic at the top of the page. I think it has a nice ring to it!

With the decision made to call the main deck from the expansion the Border Deck, it gave us an idea of how the card back should look and the lore in the rules will also give a bit of back story.

I finally realised that one of the existing images in the game had a very nice compass to use for one of the cards, and although it’s not in as high a resolution as I would like, it still looks great, especially at the size it will be printed out at.

I renamed a couple of cards and replaced a couple of bits of artwork as I have discovered some more fitting pieces, although there is another image I would like to use for the Forge Warden. Sadly I did not hear back from the artist when I reached out for permission, so this one will do nicely.

There will no doubt be a bit more tweaking of cards and contents in the next couple of weeks.

There have been a couple of new ideas shared on the forum, and although I might not reply in depth, I do read everything there and take it all in.

It’s likely that the Trail cards will get a bit of an update, with perhaps a larger roll table, or similar. I’ve been pondering a couple of ideas for the suggested Escape mechanic.

The next step will be to get the mechanics sorted for the Realm cards, but I think we are nearly there. It’s just a decision needs to be taken about how tricky it should be to snag Destiny cards from the Elder Village.

Artwork is being sorted out for the new Forge item, probably a Gauntlet of sorts, the Ring of Denial and a new piece for the Key that matches the other cards a little more.

There was a suggestion that Faerie Trod be replaced, but if gaining a Path is going to be a by-product of the village it may not be necessary. I am reluctant to bring back Transformed, as I think it’s probably a bit fiddly for the expansion.

More soon…

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