Alternate Figures

The following 7 minis have been discovered in boxed sets of Talisman figures on many occasions, mainly in the US, and are generally accepted as alternate figures.

It is not known whether this was done knowingly by Games Workshop because of problems with moulds or shortages of figures etc, or whether the Mail Order Trolls had simply become somewhat confused.

Talking of Trolls… I’ve finally added a couple of “questionable” Alternate Trolls to the mix, but there is a caveat. Although they have been reportedly seen in packages of miniatures, it hasn’t been confirmed whether these appeared regularly enough to be considered true alternate figures.

The main problem is the size of these figures, as they were sculpted for 40mm bases. There is also a FOURTH Troll that has been touted as an alternate, the C20 Marsh Troll, but as it has not been seen “in situ”, I have left it off… for now!

Assassin – White Dwarf Magazine #99 – C46 Townsfolk – Highwayman (Assassin on tab) – The Stuff of Legends
Elf – Citadel Miniatures Catalogue 1988 – C08/0401 Elves – “02” a.k.a. Orc Slayer – The Stuff of Legends
Knight – White Dwarf Magazine #91 – F4 Feudals – Baron Gisbar – The Stuff of Legends
Samurai – Citadel Miniatures Mail Order Sheet June 1986 – Oriental Heroes – OH2 Samurai Archer – The Stuff of Legends
Warrior – Citadel Journal Spring 1986 – C01 Fighters – Ifan Bareshank – The Stuff of Legends
Warrior of Chaos – Citadel Journal Spring 1987 – CH2 Chaos Warriors – Mighty Zog Arkwright – The Stuff of Legends
Witch Doctor – Citadel Miniatures Catalogue 1988 – C02/1202 Wizards – “04” a.k.a. Young Necromancer (Shaman on tab) – The Stuff of Legends
Troll – Citadel March 1987 Flyer – C20 Trolls – Hill Troll – The Stuff of Legends
Troll – Marauder Catalogue – MM40 Trolls – MM40/2 Troll – The Stuff of Legends
Troll – Marauder Catalogue – MM40 Trolls – MM40/3 Troll – The Stuff of Legends

Unpainted miniatures displayed by kind permission of the CCM Wiki