GW Toy Box Range

After the successful use of plastic miniatures in Talisman 3rd Edition in 1994 and Warhammer Quest in 1995, Games Workshop released a series of boxed sets of plastic miniatures in 2000 for use with Warhammer.

Known as the “toy box” range (which I believe was because they were packaged in an attempt to appeal to ordinary toy shops), these contained reissues of the earlier miniatures to give people a taster of Warhammer figures or to bulk out your forces and give you a bit of practice with your painting.

I have highlighted which miniatures are used in Talisman 3rd Edition and its expansions, but more than likely they have been used in Warhammer Quest too.

In addition, I have added a reference to a boxed set released in an issue of a magazine “part work” by Hobby and Work in Italy. Avventurieri di Warhammer was a collection of 10 plastic miniatures, all of which had previously appeared in Talisman 3rd Edition.

Of course, the collection would be sadly lacking without the rank and file Warhammer miniatures that were used for the Black Orc, Beastman, Chaos Dwarf, Chaos Warrior and Skaven which are shown further down the page.

Oh, and it wouldn’t be complete without the “Plastic Dragon” that was available to buy separately from the Dragon’s Tower expansion and formed the basis of a couple of Warhammer dragons and Asarnil’s mount, Deathfang, for the Dogs of War range!

FT01 – Dungeon Denizens

Minotaur – Talisman: The Magical Quest Game

Giant Bat (x4) – Warhammer Quest
Giant Rat (x4) – Warhammer Quest
Giant Spider (x4) – Warhammer Quest
Snotling (x4) – Warhammer Quest

FT03 – Wizards

Back Row:
Shaman – Talisman: Dungeon of Doom
Chaos Sorcerer – Talisman: Dragon’s Tower
Fire Wizard – Talisman: Dungeon of Doom
High Priest – Talisman: Dungeon of Doom

Front Row:
Astronomer – Talisman: Dragon’s Tower
Alchemist – Talisman: Dragon’s Tower
Druid – Talisman: Dungeon of Doom
Sorcereress – Talisman: Dragon’s Tower

FT04 – Orc Mob

Back Row:
Orc Warrior – Warhammer Quest
Black Orc – Talisman: City of Adventure
Goblin Fanatic – Talisman: The Magical Quest Game

Front Row:
Night Goblin Archer (x2) – Warhammer Quest
Goblin Spearman (x2) – Warhammer Quest
Orc Archer – Warhammer Quest

FT06 – Adventurers

Back Row:
Witch Elf – Talisman: City of Adventure
Elf – Warhammer Quest
Barbarian – Warhammer Quest
Wizard – Warhammer Quest

Front Row:
Halfling – Talisman: City of Adventure
Dwarf – Warhammer Quest
Dragon Slayer – Talisman: City of Adventure
Assassin – Talisman: City of Adventure

FT08 – Chaos Warband

Skaven (x4) – Talisman: The Magical Quest Game

Chaos Warrior – Talisman: Dungeon of Doom

Beastman (x4) – Talisman: Dungeon of Doom

Avventurieri di Warhammer

Left to Right, Top to Bottom:
Wood Elf
Knight Templar
Dwarf Warrior
Goblin Fanatic