A mixed bag of news this week as after a small delay the Game Master’s Kit for the Talisman Adventures Fantasy RPG from Pegasus Spiele is finally available for purchase on their webstore and I imagine will be making its way to regular stores soon! I’ll be showing mine off when it arrives, hopefully in the next week or so.

Some expected, but sad, news has been confirmed by the people at Galakta that (as expected) their agreement to produce localised versions of the Revised 4th Edition of Talisman, Magia i Miecz, has now come to an end. Hopefully this means that something new will appear on the horizon at some point, so fingers crossed for that.

There’s been an update in the availability of the English language version of Talisman which surprisingly was put into stock at GAME stores in the last couple of weeks. I’ve seen a lot of posting over on Twitter about it from various branches, so check out your local shop in the UK to see what they might have!

Talisman at Pegasus Spiele

Announcement from Galakta on Facebook

Talisman at GAME

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