Talisman Digital reduced in Steam Summer Sale!

Well, it’s that time of year again when you really need to hide your wallet as Steam has its famous Summer Sale!

Of particular interest is the fact that both digital iterations of Talisman are on offer.

Talisman Digital is 63% off, Talisman Prologue is 78% off and all DLC for Talisman Digital (barring The Frostmarch expansion) is 53% off!

Possibly the best deal, if you have been fence-sitting with regards to expansions, is for the Gold Pack which gets you Talisman Digital plus all current and future DLC (the Season Pass) and a copy of Talisman Prologue which is 43% off. The same discount is available on the Season Pass if you have already pulled the trigger and have previously purchased the base game.

Talisman Digital on Steam

Talisman Digital Season Pass & Gold Pack on Steam

Talisman Prologue on Steam

In other news, the iPad version of Talisman Digital has been reduced today to half price to celebrate the imminent release of The Frostmarch expansion on that platform.

Talisman Digital on iTunes

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