TWO editions of Relic coming in July from WizKids!

News seen on ICV2 and confirmed on the WizKids website today gives a detailed look at the new edition of Relic being released in two flavours, one Standard Edition with unpainted character busts and a Premium Edition with “highly detailed painted busts”, both of which will be coming in July this year.

The prices given for the two editions are $69.99 for the Standard Edition and $119.99 for the Premium Edition, though of course I will be looking to snag both versions, so there’s no hope for me!

As for changes to the original game, the WizKids site says that –

“The new WizKids edition features improved and expanded highly-detailed busts of the ten available player characters, as well as upgraded punchboard player and scenario cards.”

– so it seems that they’ve basically left the game alone, save for a few tweaks as they did with the recently released Fury of Dracula reprint which was also previously available from Fantasy Flight Games.

Check out the links below, and you can even read up on the rules for the game and check out any changes for yourself.

News on ICV2

Announcement at WizKids

Relic Product Page at WizKids

Fury of Dracula Product Page at WizKids

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