For those of you interested to see just what USAopoly has in store for us in the new Talisman: Kingdom Hearts Edition you can find out later today as they are showing off three of their new games live on Twitch!

They’ll also be featuring the new Captain Marvel: Secret Skrulls game and Harry Potter: Defence against the Dark Arts if that’s you bag, so it’ll be worth tuning in at 2pm PST (10pm GMT).

I’ll be tuning in anyway, so if you don’t get the chance I’ll no doubt post some screens later on, so come back tomorrow! I wonder if they will mention the new Batman version too?

I know there’s a bit of a split amongst Talisman fans about these new licenses, much like how the game divides “normal” gamers, but I think that bringing Talisman to a larger audience can only be a good thing with fresh blood being injected into the fanbase. People seem to assume that this will mean the end of the current edition, however I’m not so sure about that with reprints being announced recently and totally new content being made by Nomad Games for the Talisman: Digital Edition. Anyway, I just think it needs a fair roll of the die.

[gets off soapbox]

USAopoly on Twitch

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